Master and PhD theses

PhD theses

Norman Ewald
Ultracold Rydberg atoms interacting with trapped ions

Henning Fürst
Trapped ions in a bath of ultracold atoms (2019).

Jannis Joger
Cold Li–Yb+ mixtures in a hybrid trap setup (2018).



Master theses

Katya Fouka
Controlling spin-spin interactions between trapped ions using optical tweezers

Juan Arias Espinoza
Dynamics of many-body Rydberg states in the presence of an ionic impurity

Thomas Secker
Controlled long-range interactions between Rydberg atoms and ions (2016).

Norman Ewald
Quest for an ultracold hybrid atom-ion experiment (2015).

Jannis Joger
Development and characterization of a combined atom-ion micro trap (2013).

Bachelor theses

Lisa Lenstra